Frequently Asked Questions

Is the confidentiality of my documents guaranteed?

Absolutely. All our staff guarantee total respect of the confidentiality of your documents. Sensitive documents, to which you draw our attention, are stored on discs with specially protected network access. At your request, each member of staff involved in your project can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

How long does it take?

A translator generally translates between 2,000 and 2,500 words per day. This is the basis we use to calculate the time required to return your translated work.

How much does a translation cost?

To work out the cost of a translation, we take several factors into account

  • The  source language/target language combination.
  • The technicality of the field concerned.
  • The number of words and their repetition factor.
  • The format in which the document should be returned.
  • The degree of urgency.

Once we know the number of source words to translate, we always provide you with a final, total price before you give us your agreement to start any project.

Why choose Trad'smith France as a partner?

First of all because Trad'smith never works with translators who use automatic translation systems (such as Google Translate). Good translation is a skill which requires the expertise of a professional: technical specialisation, complete mastery of phraseology and specialist terminologies and linguistic or cultural variations, and their adaptation to the target language. Secondly, since our translators only translate into their mother tongue, we guarantee that your texts are translated with all the correct nuances of the language and culture of the country.

Also, we know that translation is generally the last stage in a project, therefore, it is crucial to respect your deadlines.
Finally, we always carry out a customer satisfaction survey designed to improve our services, advise you of our new services, and take your comments into account.

In which document formats can I receive my translated text?

In the same format as your original document. So you will not have any page layout issues to manage after your translation is delivered. Of course, to do this, your document must be in the correct format.  For standard formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or OpenOffice documents, there are no page layout costs.
However, for InDesign, Photoshop or Quark documents, or for complex tables in PDF format, we will provide you with an estimate for page layout.

What are your translators' resources?

The translators use their own terminological databases, which they update, expand and check over the years. They buy their own lexicons and specialist dictionaries. Some websites, for professional use only, also provide useful resources.

How can I order?

If you have sent us your documents by CD, USB key, fax or the Internet, we will prepare your estimate and send it to you by e-mail or fax. All you then have to do is return the signed document by fax or email.

I am a private individual: can I use your services?

Of course! Most private individuals find themselves having to translate official documents at some point. Documents for official use (courts, Chamber of Commerce, town hall, embassy, consulate, notary, hospital, university, etc) must be produced as sworn translations.

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