Translation in L'Isle-Adam


A good translation requires two areas of expertise: a person who is an expert in his field and an editor who has complete mastery of his language.Our job is to produce high-quality translations, which comply with the terminology and ethos of your business sector, and which meet your deadlines.We know how crucial it is to respect your deadlines and we guarantee to meet them.We recruit our translators according to the following criteria:

  • they are all graduates and professional translators
  • with a minimum of five years' experience.
  • they only translate into their mother tongue.
  • they have one or two areas of expertise.

Our teams are ethically and contractually bound to the strictest confidentiality.

The process:

1. Analyse of the documents to translate

2. Choice of translator(s)

3. Translation

4. Checking of translated documents

5. Delivery of translated documents

6. Follow up customer satisfaction


According to your needs, we provide interpreters by the half-day or full day anywhere in France or abroad, with or without equipment.Whether it's a lecture, a meeting, a factory visit or a negotiation, we will supply a professional specialising in the area concernedThere are three types of interpreting:


for events with very little staff (one to three people only). In this case, the interpreter works without equipment and whispers to the participants.

Consecutive interpretation

for events with slightly more staff (from five to twenty people). The interpreter works without equipment. The presenter speaks for one or two minutes, then pauses to allow time for the interpreter to translate what has been said to the group.

Conference, or simultaneous, translation

for large-scale events such as lectures, international summits, seminars, etc. In these cases, all the technical equipment (headsets + booths – radio contact) must be supplied, to ensure clear communication between the participants, the audience and the interpreters.

Page layout / DTP

In Arabic, the direction of reading means that the layout must be reversed.Are you translating documents created with professional CAP software (flyers, booklets, catalogues, books)? Our team of designers manages the page layout of your translated documents for languages such as Arabic, Indonesian, or Japanese.We can work with documents created with QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Framemaker, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Pagemaker.


We can provide you with a transcription service for audio or video recordings.If you need Time Codes in the transcribed document, please don't forget to mention it in your order.

Glossary & Terminology

Those who manage product catalogues or who need to regularly update technical documents, would certainly find it beneficial to set up terminology tools.We can draw up contextual glossaries for your multi-disciplinary activities to create a translation memory which will ensure constantly consistent translations.

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